Anthony Dean

What’s The Best Night Out You’ve ever Had?
The first night of Euphoria at Heaven in London.

What’s Your Favourite Club?
Heaven Charing cross in London.

What’s Your Favourite Record Of All-time?
This is a very hard question as I find records have memories and I have some many good memories attached to records. My favorite Trance tune is two: ‘Skydive’ by Freefall and ‘Everyday’ by Agnelli and Nelson.

What Record Can’t You Stand?
Bob The Builder and the Crazy Frog.

What Record Did You Lose Your Virginity Too?
Pump Up The Jam.

Name Three Of Your Biggest Influences…
My wife, my friends, and Paul Van Dyk.

What’s Your Dream?
To have no money worries and a big heathy family.

How Do You Escape?
Sleep and mixing music.

What Is Your Favourite Possession?
My record decks.

What Is Your Life Philosophy?
Live 2 Love.

What’s In Your Pockets?
At he moment my hand trying to fine something in my pockets.

If You Were An Animal, What Animal and Why?
A cat with a good home because they are lazy.

You are having a party, whom dead or alive is on the guest list?
My close friends.

When was the last time you embarrassed yourself?
I use to teach aerobics for a living, I was standing on the stage teaching STEP Aerobics and as I was doing a greatvine over the STEP I fell of the stage.