Lee Osborne

The reign of the Orange men is beginning to crumble, the foundations are shaking with a new sonic uprising heralding from the English Isle. Like the Glorious Revolution of the seventeen hundreds the Dutch have ruled over the global dance music landscape for many a year but now things are changing and the rebellion begins with this man, Lee Osborne.   

For over 10 years there has been a small but dedicated collective of talented DJs & Producers namely Lee Osborne, Ali Wilson and Matt Smallwood who have been constantly pushing the boundaries of trance, tech trance and techno music. Unafraid of the foreign contenders within their field they have pursued a vision of relentless innovation, whether it’s their renowned forward thinking productions, creating ground-breaking labels such as Tekelec and Reborn, live DJ sets under the Electrilogy guise or creating sell out club nights such as ‘Yes!’ there were no limitations for this London coalition. Now as we move forward further into the millennium Osborne switches his focus to his new studio, where he has been spending the past 18 months of solid dedication progressing with a distinctive sound.

Proclaimed by many dance music luminaries as one of the future stars of tomorrow talented DJ Osborne unleashed a fresh catalogue of exceptional productions and remixes for 2010. Leading the charge as one of the most pioneering artists the UK has to offer Osborne is already set for a phenomenal year with major releases launching imminently and support from the world’s biggest artists and labels. In January 2010 his monster progressive tech-trance reworking of chart stormer ‘Automanual’ found its way to the main man himself Marco V who loved it so much he instantly signed it to his very own label InCharge, elevating Osborne to one of only 8 elite artists to win the accolade of featuring on Marco’s prestigious imprint. Following, WA-X records snapped up two more pieces of original work ‘E-Swing’ and ‘Innocent’ after major props followed from Eddie Halliwell, Lisa Lashes and Tiesto with great crowd reactions from their live appearances. With Darren Tate signing ‘Eight’ to ‘Mondo’ and employing his remix skills for across the label Osborne’s appeal is growing across the full spectrum of digital labels. His unique style of remixing surprisingly works for even the more harder end of the spectrum with Lee Haslam’s ‘Slinky’ label and Andy Whitby’s ‘Awsum White’ Records employing his talents to bring that more sophisticated rolling tech sound to their artists. And with even more releases like ‘Hairspray’, ‘State of Play’ and ‘Mr Hitchman’ on more underground labels such as CGI and Abstract coming out at the start of the year there is no doubt that Lee is set for even bigger things this year than ever before.

True pioneers are those who are not afraid to go against the tried and tested formula, real innovators take risks in search of new boundaries and frontiers so believe the hype and as they say there is no smoke without fire!


At the start of early two thousand with an illustrious DJ career that spanned over a decade taking him across the globe from Ibiza to the United States, Osborne was hungry for a new challenge and a new direction. His passion was to develop a new sound that could define his vision and allow him to express his musical creativity. Honing his skills in the revolutionary TEKELEC studios run by the legendary Ali Wilson, Osborne began to refine a hybrid tech-trance sound. After months of studio modification TEK001 ‘Revolution of the Mind’ & ‘Blackout’ was unleashed, winning critical acclaim from the media and the world’s biggest international DJ’s such as Carl Cox, Sander Van Doorn, Ferry Corsten, Judge Jules, and Paul Oakenfold to name but a few. Following the successful flagship release was the second instalment from the TEKELEC production dream team ‘Lost Souls’ & ‘In the Zone’. A big room Tech-Trance colossus that again reached the destination of every major DJ and sent copies literally flying off the ‘digital’ shelves – it was clear to everyone that this was the beginning of something. After leaving such an imprint on the scene with his first releases and as a testament to his impeccable taste and unrivalled talent Osborne needed to take his unique sound to another level and a new development was underway in the London studio’s he calls home.

To stay ahead of the game you have to adapt as trends change, and Osborne is the master at this. Whether it’s his brainchild club night, production or DJ style one thing is true he will always be a forefront of change moving forward like he only knows how.



Ali Wilson & Lee Osborne ‘Tear Up’ (five am)
Ali Wilson & Lee Osborne ‘Tremors’ (five am)
Ali Wilson & Lee Osborne ‘Full Moon’  (five am)
Ali Wilson & Lee Osborne ‘Zulu’ (Tekelec)
Ali Wilson & Lee Osborne ‘Revolution of the Mind’ (Tekelec)
Ali Wilson & Lee Osborne ‘Lost Souls’ (Tekelec)
Electrilogy EP ‘Centara , Boowai, Trokia’ (Tekelec)
Lee Osborne ‘Sub Zero’ (reborn)
Lee Osborne ‘You’re Next’ (reborn)
Lee Osborne ‘Penumbra’ (reborn)
Lee Osborne ‘Recognize’ (reborn)
Lee Osborne ‘E-Swing’ (WA-X)
Lee Osborne ‘Innocent’ (WA-X)
Lee Osborne ‘State of Play’ (CGI)
Lee Osborne ‘Hairspray’ (Abstract)
Lee Osborne ‘Eight’ Main Mix & Prog Mix (Mondo)
Marco V ‘Automanual’ Lee Osborne 2010 Remix (Incharge)
Taylor & Close ‘Mr Hitchman’ (Lee Osborne remix)
Oliver Brooks presents Mandown –  ‘See You There’ Lee Osborne remix (Slinky)
‘Esamba’ (Lee Osborne Rework)
‘Damager’ 02 Scott Mac (Lee Osborne Rework)
‘Magic’ LadyHawke (Lee Osborne Club Mix)

Labels: Incharge, Slinky, Five AM, Mondo, Awsum White, WA-X, CGI, Tekelec and Reborn.  



Marco V: Automanual Remix by Lee Osborne
‘What a great rework of my own favourite productions Automanual, loads of energy! Looking forward to releasing this on Incharge’

Sander Van Dorn: ‘Damager Remix by Lee Osborne
‘Very nice remix by Lee, supporting this one in my sets big time!’

Eddie Halliwell
“Supported Lee’s ‘State Of Play’ and ‘E-Swing’ tracks, including on Fire It Up Radio. Great stuff!”

IDJ Magazine
3 tech-trance tastic tracks from  Lee Osborne which really push boundaries in dance and ooze top class production. On the A side ‘Trokia’ is a tough uplifting trancer, while on the reverse ‘Centara’ has been getting support from Mr Cox himself. Completing the package is a driving grotty affair entitled ‘Boowai’. 4/5!  

John Askew: Revolution of the Mind by Lee Osborne
‘Killer stomp mayhem from the king of tek. Have been hammering this everywhere. Gagging to get more records like this!’

BK: Revolution of the Mind by Lee Osborne
‘I love the track, been canning it, top hard ‘n’ groovy!’

Tom Harding: Lost Souls by Lee Osborne
‘Simply superb stuff this and if we had more tracks like this on the page hard dance could soon be great again. Smacking of producers who know exactly what they are doing, it is a funky, swinging hard trancer that oozes energy and class from the outset. The breakdown is huge, the bassline almighty and this is just one off those unstoppable tracks that will set the dance floor alight. Add on to this an equally awesome B-side in the form of In The Zone and this is a must for your box. Buy it now.’ 5/5 & Tune of the month in IDJ Magazine

Anne Savage: Lost Souls by Lee Osborne
‘Osborne emerges from the studio with these two gems that bring much needed class and quality to the current hard dance production scene.’