A massive year for the Frankfurt express! Exclusive interview with the main man

Interview : Dan Prince

Frank welcome back to DMCWORLD, where in the world are you right now?

“Home sweet home! I just got back from a long US tour, I’ve had some time at home and now I’ve got some gigs coming up in Europe.”

You will be returning to UK shores in a couple of weeks to smash Fire in London for the DC7, Wire and Fire In Session crews.  Our capital city holds you in high esteem, why do you love spinning to the UK crowds so much?

“My first show outside Germany was in the UK, that must have been around 6-7 years ago. Since that very first time, I fell in love with the club scene there and especially the amazing energy of the crowd. On one hand it`s the long history of electronic music and the rave culture in the UK, on the other hand – you guys just love to party hard!”

Will this be your first time at Fire, you are joined by a stellar international line up – looking forward to this little baby?

“Yes of course! I heard a lot of superb feedbacks about the venue and my team and I can`t wait to come and see how the Fire gets down.”

Last week of course saw the mighty Sankeys open up in New York City. The press in the Big Apple has been going crazy for this news, what was the Opening Halloween night like?

“It was truly awesome! The club is great, has a really cool architecture and the sound system is just a killer, one of the best I heard in a long time. Halloween in the States is insane anyway, it was simply a night to remember, the Sankeys crew are going do a great job over there for sure.”

You love it in America, Miami loves you!! What do you think has been the biggest development in the US club scene over the last 12 months?

“Copy that! I love travelling the United States. What you can feel over there is that in the past 3-4 years, the US-club scene has changed a lot. A couple of years ago you would only find commercial / EDM artists were really successful over there, now it is totally opening up. If you look at Miami and New York for example, you find a huge fan base for more underground sounds and a very vital club scene. The coolest clubs in these cities run tech house / underground nights and the scene is growing rapidly.”

The last time we spoke to you said that you couldn’t wait to leave your Ibiza base, get home and “work on some new shit”. So, how is the new shit coming along?!?!

“Hahaha! Well, I just missed working in the studio. I moved the studio and I am finishing the new set up. I totally forgot how many meters of cables had to be plugged in! It`s almost done and I already have already a few new projects in the pipeline.”

Now that the dust has settled, let’s talk about the summer 2013 season in Ibiza.  We were in the crowd at one of your Ushuaia Tower shows…how was the summer on the white isle for you?

“It was a long, very successful and exciting summer for me and my team, both personal and business wise. My partner Carol Moreno Sepulveda and I started our own agency ‘Noon Artists’ and have been working hard on that all summer. With “Rock`n Beats’ we created our own little party at the Ushuaia Tower and I also played for Ushuaia’s ‘Ants’ parties. Both concepts went off very successful. Besides that, I also played shows for Pacha and a real marathon for the closings Ushuaia, Space, Sankeys and Destino. That was a great finish to the season and I want to say thanks to all the helpers and fans for a wonderful season.”

Anthem of the summer?

“Phil Collins – Another Day in Paradise…”

I love the story of when you first decided to go live but couldn’t come up with a name for you as an artist, please recount the tale for our readers…

“Hahaha…ok ok…once upon a time, in a country far far away, there was an artist. An artist without a name. This artist couldn`t figure out a name himself. That wouldn`t have been so bad, but the nameless artist agreed to present his music to the villagers at a big celebration. The spokesman of the celebration demanded a name to announce to the villagers…. and the time was running out. Two weeks before celebration day, the spokesman called the nameless artist to put pressure on him. That special day, the nameless artist had trouble with his music making machines, so the spokesman told him – you have to Reboot! From that day on, the artist without a name, would travel the seven seas and call himself Reboot…And hopefully, he will live happily forever after!”

Were there any nerves before that first live show?

“Nope…I was cold as ice!….ahem, maybe a little nervous!”

Before success, before Connaisseur, Suplement Facts, Cadenza, Cecille, Cocoon, Combi, Moon Harbour, Defected, the DJing, the live shows etc. you were in a normal 9-5 job with a suit and tie. Tell us about that and how you decided to give it up for the bright lights…

“After I finished University, I worked for a consulting company for almost ten years. Making music was always just a hobby for me, but at one point I had a proper career going on with it. So I had to make a choice. I can`t say, that it was a easy decision, but it was for sure the right thing to do for me. You can`t even imagine my bosses face, when I told him – I quit! I am going to be a DJ.”

Best and worst thing about living in Frankfurt?

Best: “I feel home, family, friends, studio, amazing city, the airport…”

Worst: “That I can`t spent more time there.”

And finally, what is coming next from the mighty Reboot studio?

“We have a mini album Deep Vibes Recordings in the pipeline, it should be in stores in the next 3-4 weeks. Then I will have a EP on Yousef`s Circus imprint, I am also currently working on some remixes so here should be some stuff for the xmas tree out soon too!”

Reboot headlines Fire in London this Saturday alongside Sasha Carassi, DJ Simi and Marc Scholl, Full info: