Style of Eye

It all happens After Dark for the new Swedish superstar on the block

Welcome to DMCWORLD Linus. You seemed to fall in love with all kinds of music very early on in your life, classical composers, Kraftwerk and Stevie Wonder all grabbed your attention sitting nicely alongside drum & bass. Your neighbours in Stockholm must have loved you! So have you hailed from a musical family?

“Thanks! Yeah the neighbours weren’t always happy, but my parents were very keen on my “experiments” and let me have a drum kit at home even though we had paper thin walls. But there wasn’t a lot of musical heritage, my dad used to sing in a choir, a lot of medieval music…but that was it really.”

What was it about the music coming from artists such as DJ Hype and Zinc that you appreciated back then? 

“The rawness, the groove, the relation to hip hop and reggae. But mostly it was about the bass. I was obsessed with bass.”

You have admitted that a lot of your teenage years were spent just having fun with machines that you’d borrowed from studios. So when did you first think to yourself that this could be a career I want to do seriously?

“I was offered to be an assistant to a pop-producer in Sweden and after a year or two with him working on other projects, I realized I needed to spend more time on my own music. Though, I honestly never had the choice to do something else, it felt like music chose me and not the other way around.”

Tell us about that letter you sent to one of your heroes DJ Shadow…

“Haha yes! Well I was a huge fan of him and there was this record “Hardcore Instrumental Hip-Hop” that was impossible to find anywhere, so I hit him up and his assistant came back to me with a hand-written letter, a bunch of stickers and the requested music on cassette. I felt immortal that day.”

You have had the world jumping to the sounds of your ‘After Dark’ track these past few weeks, what is coming out next studio wise from you…?

“Got a full album´s worth of material waiting to be finished, but next in line is a remix I´ve done for two thirds of a famous band that just finished their last tour…!”

What is the latest regarding the Galantis project with Christian Karlsson?

“We have been writing songs for the past year, I´m really stoked about this project. Can’t mention too many details, but its going crazy…”

What is the current top 10 you are spinning…

1. Style Of Eye & Tom Starr – After Dark

2. DJ CARLI – Weekender

3. Zedd – Clarity (Style Of Eye Remix)

4, Atrak & Galantis – Jumbo

5  deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gartner – Channel 42 (Nom De strip remix)

6  Nom De Strip – Techno Saturday

7 Chris Lake – Ohh shhh

8 DJ SNAKE – Birthday Song Miami Remix

9 Qulinez – BAMF

10 The Code Ummet Ozcan

You have a diary full of great looking festival dates throughout the summer, where are you really looking forward to hitting?

“I´ve never played a festival in Canada before, so Osheaga looks like a highlight. 

And of course EDC.”

The last four weeks have seen the world talking about the return of Daft Punk and their new material. What’s your take on it all?

“For me Daft Punk defies The Artist and for this album I think they will show that they never set sail to be part of a scene but more as the creators of a scene.” 


Who are the producers from around the world you are giving high fives to right now?

“Dillon Francis, Alesso, Elof Loelv, Carli. Very different types of producers and all very inspirational.”

I know you must great pleasure from all of them, but what do you draw the most satisfaction from…song writing, producing/remixing or playing live?

“It’s nearly impossible for me to separate one from the other, when I´m DJ-ing I take notes on my productions, and when I produce I focus on how it will be played out. It all blends in together.”

The Ibiza season is upon us yet again. A massive event you are part of down at Ushuaia, tell us more…

“Yes, very very excited about it and always an honor to be part of something that comes from the minds of Seb and Axwell. I can’t share a whole lot of details but it’s going to be very special.” 

I seem to recall jumping around to your set down at Amnesia Ibiza a couple of years back, you a fan of the white isle…is it the centre of the dance world or is Miami and Vegas moving ahead these days?

“It’s definitely the European centre of the dance world during season, everyone is there at some point.” 

Who would you say has given you the most help and advice in your career?

“There´s been a lot of important guides along the way. My management is very important to me –  ATM Management and to name a few producers…Patrik Frisk, Tony Senghore, John Dahlback, Sebastian Ingrosso and Bloodshy.” 

Couple of recent gigs I want to touch on, Ultra in Miami and Ministry of Sound in London a couple of weeks back. How were those two little shows?

“Ultra was absolutely massive. Mind totally blown. It was my first Ultra show and it felt very special. I love playing at Ministry of Sound, always good vibes and great crowd and this time was no different.”

How does someone who finds it hard to chill out and switch off spend a month in Thailand? You must have been going crazy?

“Haha yeah, that is something I have to practice more on someday, maybe not tomorrow though. I become extremely bored when I try to stay away from making music. I think extended weekends are the best.”

And finally, you chose your name as you wanted something that could represent you on all levels and admit that you get bored very easy staying in one place musically. So what is your next adventure – what musical stratosphere have you got your eye on next?

“Actually, right now I´m very pleased with what I´m doing musically, but I´d suggest  you check-in again in a year.”