Subliminal Miami Video 2012

Exclusive Florida footage – Morillo stylee

Check out the world exclusive of Subliminal Records at Miami Winter Music Conference 2012. The party starts at the Subliminal Records party at Amnesia with Erick Morillo, Danny Tenaglia, SYMPHO NYMPO, Chuckie, Harry Choo Choo Romero, Jose Nunez, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Norman Doray, Sneaky Sound System, Carl Kennedy, Shawnee Taylor and Segarra. The crew then heads to the Ultra Music Festival with live performances from Shawnee Taylor, Segarra, Wyclef from the Fugees and some hilarious commentary from Dirty Dutch head man Chuckie. The finale of the week was at swanky club LIV, where Erick celebrates his birthday with Chuckie again gracing the decks with Erick, and stars such as Diddy, Cassie and other in the booth and more impromptu performances from Wyclef, Shawnee, Segarra and new talent Nate Walker.

The Subliminal Miami 2012 Diary

Subliminal Miami – Amnesia
Wow! What an amazing week of parties at Miami Winter Music Conference 2012. It all started with the Subliminal Records showcase at Amnesia nightclub. There was a massive line up including Carl Kennedy, Sneaky Sound System, SYMPHO NYMPHO, Norman Doray, Erick Morillo, Harry Choo Choo Romero, Jose Nunez, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Shawnee Taylor, Segarra plus special guests Chuckie and legend Danny Tenaglia to bring the night to a close. How many artists can you fit in one event? A truly awesome pool of talent.  Carl Kennedy warms the arriving crowd, followed by a great performance from Sneaky Sound System with live vocals, then Norman Doray is the first to pump the big tunes out as the club gets to near capacity. Sunnery & Ryan spin after Norman and the club is now jammed packed ready for the headline acts. New act SYMPHO NYMPHO, comprised of Erick Morillo, Harry Romero & Jose Nunez play together for the very first time, dropping a lot of big tunes from their new album SYMPHO NYMPHO – The Beginning. Seeing the three of them behind the decks together really was a great sight, and the sound kept the dance floor rocking. Shawnee Taylor and Segarra both performed amazing live vocals on the new stage in Miami’s premier super club. Erick and Chuckie both played slamming solo set’s before going back to back at LIV later in the week (more on that later.) New York city legend Danny Tenaglia closed the night with groovy classic 90’s NY house the only way Danny Tenaglia could. He even had a hand in hand dance in the booth with Erick’s tour manager Manny Zelaya. It was a great party in a club that has an amazing lighting system and incredible sound system to match.

Ultra Music Festival
Erick Morillo is like a resident at Ultra festival, playing there for a decade or more, from it’s humble beginning to it now being a global super power with festivals all over the globe from Europe to Brazil and more. Subliminal TV was at Erick’s house before the gig to get interviews with SYMPHO NYMPHO, Shawnee Taylor & Segarra. It was the sunniest day of the week so far with the gorgeous blazing rays spreading all over Miami Beach. Wyclef Jean also calls in to Erick’s house to go over the plans for the festivals party. After an hour the convoy of cars leaves Erick’s and heads over the water to downtown Miami, for what promises to be an afternoon full of intense energy. After arriving at the festival Erick makes his way to the stage and gets announced by the MC. The crowd goes crazy when Erick appears and he drops the SYMPHO NYMPHO mix of his new track Elephant with Alexandra Burke. Shawnee Taylor and Segarra again perform new tracks Colors and Beautiful Reality, respectively. However, Wyclef Jean of the Fugees has to take the crown for best act of the day, if not just for his stage presence and antics. He really got the crowd going with his energy and climbed the actual stage rigging so he was fifty feet above the ground singing on the mic, a real heart in mouth moment for some people. He then climbs down, jumps off the stage and joins the madness with the crowd, which is totally exhilarating. Erick finishes the set with some big records like Deniz Koyu’s Tung. Erick thanks the crowd in English and Spanish and leaves to rapturous applause.

Erick Morillo’s Birthday Party at LIV Nightclub
To end a trio of amazing parties, it’s Erick’s very own birthday party at LIV. Special guests tonight are Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano and Chuckie. They do a solid job of keeping the crowd warm, ready for Erick to arrive. Sunnery and Ryan drop their Tribeca track which was released on Subliminal Records last year and still doing great things. Erick arrives and the party really gets started. What a packed night! Robots, birthday cake, Shawnee, Segarra and new talent Nate Walker, however, Wyclef seems to have stolen the show yet again. Not only does he get the crowd vibed up with his master MC skills but he also leaps up and does a hand walk on the small ledge in front of the decks! Did this guy used to be in the Olympic team or something? His acrobatic prowess certainly commands respect and adds to the spectacle of the night. P.Diddy looks on from his private table on the balcony and the clubbers are loving the party vibes. After rocking on till 7am last year, the authorities get tough and end bang on 5am, with the dance floor still packed but satisfied. And for those who wanted more and in the know they headed over to Diddy’s house for a marathon after party…