Trainspotting With Blu 9

Launched last year by Sydney Blu and Rebekah, 23by23 is an initiative that aims to encourage labels to increase the proportion of female artists on their roster. Part of that initiative was setting up a number of remix competitions with various respected labels, the latest of which sees Joyce Muniz feat. Demetrius back on Poker Flat with new versions of her 2020 single. ‘What’s Your Name’, from SWAH, Blu 9 and Esther Benoit. Blu 9 is a Chicago born and raised DJ and producer operating within the ranks of the underground house and techno scene. DMCWorld goes Trainspotting with Blu 9.

Blu 9 – A Girl From Chicago – Blok Records

This track holds a special place in my heart for me. It infuses the techno sound I am currently producing as well going back and paying homage to my home, Chicago. Interjecting the “House Music” lyrics with the chicago style chords while keeping the hypnotic techno sound. No matter where I go, Chicago will always be my home.

A Girl From Chicago (Original Mix)

Lana Del Ray – Doin Time (Patrice Bäumel Remix) – Unreleased

I definitely have a soft spot for breakbeat tracks. I found this track by chance during one of my dive into the rabbit hole music searches. It’s a track that gives me goosebumps every time I hear it and play it.  Numbed my senses down is an understatement to this track.

Lana Del Rey - Doin' Time (Patrice Bäumel Remix) // Free Download

A.Paul & DJ Dextro – From Beyond – Naked Lunch

It’s difficult to choose a favorite when it comes to selecting tracks by A.Paul and DJ Dextro. I love the style of their tracks and that jackin’ sound that their tracks bring with a hypnotic touch to them.

Marcal – Bionic Jungle – Enemy Records

Marcal is one of my favorite artists that I love to play. Bionic Jungle keeps with the drummy hypnotic techno style intense groove, intelligent rhythms, complex patterns and hypnotic sound that I typically play in my sets.

Marcal - Bionic Jungle [ENEMY039]

Maccarri – The Void – E-HRZN Records

Keeping with drummy complex patterns, The Void is another track that frequently makes its way into my sets. That hypnotic sound gets me every time.

The Void ((Original Mix))

 Blu 9 – Azzurri – Phobiq Recordings

Dark and moody. This track has emotions tied to it. I remember creating this and was all playing around with a slew of quirky sounds. A break style undertone and typically will open my sets with this track.

DJ Lion – Hullabaloo – Harthouse

Always been a long time fan of Dj Lion and this track is driving and quirky that makes it a favorite. His tracks are powerful and typically make their way into my sets at some point.

Nicole Moudaber – What Is (Flug Remix) – Mood

Nicole is one of my favorite artists that I’ve had the pleasure to play alongside on several occasions. One of my favorite tracks is Flug’s remix of What it. I love the consistent drive and dark sound this track holds.

Premiere: Nicole Moudaber - What Is (Flug Remix) [MOOD]

Neither Nor – Else – Jeton Records

This track has been a definite favorite lately. The vocal that comes in always gets me and it’s a perfect driving techno track with that underground sound.

Obseth – Liquid State – Kusiya

Another hypnotic techno track with complex drum patterns. I am a huge fan of Obseth and this track is a journey which keeps your attention as to where it will go next.

Obseth - Liquid State


Joyce Muniz feat. Demetrius (incl. Blu9 remix) is out now on Poker Flat.