Trainspotting With Coflo

Coflo brings a true dancer’s touch to house music. As a life long student of the American style of house dance and the Afro-Brazilian martial art Capoeira; Coflo looks to infuse his dance and movement experience into his musical productions. His distinctive studio and remixes have featured on labels such as MoBlack Records, Yoruba Records, Terry Hunter’s T’s Box, Atjazz Record Company, Local Talk, Fatsouls, Merecumbe and Ocha Records, among others.  As his percussive drumcentric new remix of Inaya Day, DJ Spen, Soulfuledge’s ‘Ummah-Ye’ drops on Quantize Recordings, DMCWorld goes Trainspotting with Coflo.

Inaya Day, DJ Spen, Soulfuledge – Ummah-Ye (Coflo remix) – Quantize Recordings

My first time remixing for Quantize, I wanted to give this tune my syncopated touch and provide 3 new musical ideas in terms of parts to give Inaya’s vocal a whole new feeling!

Ummah-Ye (The Coflo Remix) - Inaya Day, DJ Spen, Soulfuledge

Cody Currie feat Cor.ece – Hot Water – Razor-N-Tape

When the groove drops in the ride on this tune is perfection. Love the simplicity, shines extra light on how important that groove is for this tune.

Cody Currie feat. Corece - Hot Water

Osunlade – Electricity – Yoruba Records

Osunlade drops his version of a techno project, I play this tune at like 122-125 BPM and it still has that “electricity” to it.


Deon Cole, Terry Hunter & Terisa Griffin – Where The Freaks At (Emmaculate and Coflo remix) – Mirror Ball Recordings

We did a proper dirty version of a dirty record. No fluff, just a whole bunch of old school track head flavour, even snuck a little 303 in there.

Where The Freaks At (Emmaculate & Coflo remix) by Deon Cole, Terry Hunter & Terisa Griffin

Robert Owens, Advokkat, Oscar P – Dreamin (Oscar P Rework) – Kolour

Simple and effective. The groove smackssssssssss and Mr. Owen’s voice wonders around, puts you in a DEEEEP place. love it.

Dreamin (Oscar P Rework)

William Florelle, Coflo – Stuck (Coflo’s Off the Wall Remix) – Feedasoul Records

William Florelle has a unique style and his vocal production on this begged for some interesting movement. Love all the texture mixed into the warmness of the whole production.

Stuck (Coflo's Off The Wall Remix)

Masters At Work – Virus Ruff Mutes (Sax dub) – MAW Records

I can’t stop playing this out. The bounce on this is infections and the vocal samples tell me exactly why I keep playing it… “COME AGAINNNNNN”.

Virus Ruff Mutes (Sax Dub)

Abel – Traveller – Atjazz Record Company

Has that MJ “I can’t help it” groove with a bit of that George Benson “You Can do it Baby” sprinkled on top. The combination no one knew you needed.

Osunlade, James Curd – Chocolate Puddin’ – Get Physical

I’m a sucker for vocals of despair mixed with syncopated grooves. Put blues, on everything and I’ll be a happy man. Osunlade is amongst the best for this type of sound.

BTWN SPKRS – Reflections – Ocha Records

THIS TRACK IS DEEP! Love the sound design and the feeling of the groove. So much ear candy to play with. Works magic for the dancers.

Inaya Day, DJ Spen & Soulfuledge ‘Ummah-Ye’ (The Coflo Remix) is out now on Quantize Recordings.