Trainspotting with Col Lawton

Newcastle Upon Tyne’s Col Lawton is a House Music DJ, Producer and co-owner of Deep Fix Recordings along with Wez Hall, Robbie Robinson and Brain Jordison. He has crafted a career that demonstrates an evolving ability to produce music that is both authentic as well as incredibly addictive. As his fab new remix of Jay B McCauley and Leeny Pearls single, ‘I Am More Than Just Your Queen’, drops on Vagrant Soundz, DMCWorld goes back to mine with Col Lawton.

1 Kevin Yost – It’s A Joint Jazz – i! Records

I have a real love for deep jazzy vibes and this ticks all the boxes for me. Kevin makes wonderful music, this track triggers my imagination of a small dark club, smoking cigars while I play jazzy base, haha.

2 Jay B McCauley & Leeny Pearls – I Am More Than Just Your Queen (Col’s Burning Remix) – Vagrant Soundz

Jay has produced a wonderful track with Leeny. The original is very special and I wanted to mix it up a bit, so I focused on the vocal around “Burn for yo” and whacked a whole load of funk on the track to burn up the dance floor – fire extinguisher need please!!!

3 Manuel Costela – Impossible Love – Deep Fix Recordings

Getting Manuel on my label was a must, I love his work and he really hits the spot with this deep house chunky funky vibe, full of groove and oozing deep house class. That baseline is so nice.

Manuel Costela - Impossible Love [Deep Fix Recordings]

4 Col Lawton – Hey (In the rain) – i! Records

I loved making this track. I make multi genre productions and I have a love for Afro/Latin vibes, so I combined this with some jackin’ vibes and the tropical colourful ‘Hey (In the rain)’ was born. I do believe it was raining very heavily this day outside the studio, which may of influenced me!

5 DJ Christian B – Trade 4 Love – Velvet Basement Records

Damn, the vocal on this track is unreal. I am a sucker for a vocal hook and I’ve been loving Christian’s productions for the past couple of years, beautifully produced and full of emotion.

6 Simon Adams – Joint Jazz – Material

I’ve been dropping this one in my sets all year. What a track, this is full of jazz and groove has one of the best drops I have heard in a long-time   – pure jazzy vibes, great production and goes down super well on the dance floor, plus it’s been the charts like forever!

7 Julius Papp – Journey Together (No Solo Dub) – Salted Music

A track you need to listen to and take a seat to appreciate the quality of how to use synths in a deep house track, alongside its punching baseline.  I love music that takes you on a journey and will be playing this one in my sets for a looooooong time, it’s a beauty of a track.

8 Teddy Black & Austin’s Groove – Lets Go Back – Motive Records

Australian duo who keep making fire. I love tracks with a groove and a salute to old school vibes. With a scratch and a rap, you got me hooked, I love how this track bubbles along with an old school vocal and a up to date bass and beat.

9 T.Markakis – The Cornerstone – Large Music

I had the pleasure to be part of Large this year. Thet are a great label and I love T’s music. Another salute to jazzy vibes, T does this extremely well with the addictive piano riff and hypnotic vocal, this track just slides along beautifully.

10 Ridney & Richard Earnshaw – The Inside (Richard Earnshaw clubside mix) – Armada Subjekt

Another track which has been firmly in my sets for the past 6 months, it’s a wonderful track to drop on the dance floor.  It uses a great vocal sample but keeps things jazzy and pumping. It’s such a great track full of house music flavours.


Jay B McCauley ft Leeny Pearls ‘I Am More Than Just Your Queen’ (Incl. MicFreak and Col Lawton Mixes) is out now on Traxsource promo / Full release December 15th 2022 on Vagrant Soundz.