Trainspotting with Mo.Ya.G

Mo.Ya.G are a Belgian production and DJ duo Yalopa and Deep Moodsetter. Yalopa is the chill, deep and beach house guy, who brings a twist of Jazz, and Moodsetter is sometimes a little wilder with his music choice, going from easy beats to Disco, classic House, through to harder melodic Tech House flavours. Newcomers to production, they made their debut on BIG Speak Music with ‘You Can Dance’ in April 2021 and are currently busy in the studio making more creative fusions.

With their current feel-good groover, bursting with 90’s nostalgia, ‘House Music (All Night Long)’, currently firing up the dance floors, DMCWorld goes Trainspotting with this curious duo…


Joe Ventura – Pressure (The Release Mix) – BIG Speaker Music

This has that classic sound we both love, throwing us back to the era where it all started for us. We love the Kristine W ‘Feel What You Want’ resample, nicely reused.

Demarkus Lewis – House Of Luv (Deez Take 2 mix) – Craig C Recordings

Jazz chords in a deep house track always do it for me,  It has been done numerous times, but this track nails it.

House Of Luv (Deez Take 2)

Nufects – Chemical – Future Avenu

Floating into space… The easy beats, with the slightly biting bass gives this track an out of earth tranquil energy

Nufects - Chemical [Future Avenue]

Coeo – Slipstrea Toy Tonics 

It’s hard to not like the music these guys create. The EP contains multiple gems, but we selected this track because it works great for the after hours.

Mo.Ya.G – House Music (All Night Long) (Hablando Edit] – BIG Speaker Music

We are so proud of this track, the label boss himself makes a guest appearance… All Night Long!

Atjazz, The Realm, Dominique Fils-Aimé – See-Line Woman (The Realm Remix) Reel People Music

We Loved the original from back in the day, this reprise adds extra jazzy textures, giving it some extra flair.

Act Cool – Frontier – Concrete Kïn
Sweeping synths and cosmic sounds give a sense of floating and transcendental dance feel. We love to dance to and enjoy this type of vibe.

Marlon Kirk – Back To Me – Unprincipled Records

A tribal drum push that keeps you jackin’ with spacious breaks and a fat bassline. Trippin!

Trinidadian Deep – Personal DUB Expression – TH Pressing

A heavy salad of dubby sounds, with a basic ragga undertone, lifting it all to the housey dancefloor with a great swinging beat.

Robin McKelle – You’re No Good  (Art Of Tones Remix) – Promo
This has a soulful Motown feel. The French DJ Art of Tones (Llorca) gives that funky French swing to it that makes our feet move.

Mo.Ya.G  ‘House Music (All Night Long)’. Full Release October 22nd 2021 On BIG Speaker Music