Trainspotting With Nakk

Not bound by traditional genres, Russian-born  DJ and producer, Nakk, revels in the extremes of music, pairing melancholic pads with driving drums, cinematic synth designs with gritty basslines. He does so while colliding the worlds of breaks, techno and house. As his new ‘Echoes’ EP lands on Elif’s Marginalia label, including a remix from Evade, DMCWorld goes Trainspotting with Nakk.

Impérieux – Reze (Original Mix) – Pampa Records

Impérieux is always interesting with its vision of music, in this track I like classic breakbeats along with granular synthesis and of course a powerful saw in stereo.

Impérieux – Reze (PAMPA039)

Tiello, CCINNI – Why Does It Always Have To Be This Way (Original Mix) – Borders of Lights

Here, of course, one cannot help but highlight the very attractive Melody, who is fighting for her place with a threatening saw!

Tiello & CCINNI - Why Does It Always Have To Be This Way?

Toto Chiavetta – Arpeggiator in the Sky (Original Mix) – Borders of Lights

Toto is interesting in his approach to music, and this track is no exception, very cool work with the mid/side components of the track.

bol 001 - toto chiavetta - arpeggiator in the sky

Upercent – Especisme (Original Mix) – HABITAT

This is just one of the tracks that I would highlight from Upercent for its unique style and a very strange (in a good way) atmosphere in the track.

Igor Bartyuk – Scuro (Original Mix) – Surrealism

Igor is my old friend whose work I have always liked for its cinematography. He showed me this track long before the release and it seemed to me that it was some kind of soundtrack to an art house film. Atmosphere and implementation 100 points out of 100.

igor Bartyuk - Scuro (Original Mix) [SURRREALISM]

Nakk – Twilling (Original Mix) – JADE

This is my track and it is not here by chance. I am a multi-genre musician and in addition to Melodic Techno & House I also release classic electro, breaks, breakbeat, etc. This is part of me.

Tal Fussman – Burning Bridges (Original Mix) – Diynamic

Tal for me is one of the most talented artists of the modern electronic scene, I appreciate him for his versatility and amazing musical stories “Burning Bridges” Just one of these stories, I am delighted with the melodic parts of the track.

Tal Fussman - Burning Bridges

Levon Vincent – Late Night Jam (Original Mix) – Ostgut Ton

Levon in this track surprises with how out of 5 instruments you can make a cool track that will be relevant forever.

Levon Vincent - Late Night Jam

Edone – Dissection (Original Mix) – Innervisions

I really like a lot of what Ed does and this track is just one of my favourite works that combines the artist’s creative potential and powerful dance pressure.

Trikk – Rigor (Original mix) – Innervisions

As you can see, I like melodic music and strange atmosphere. The track “Rigor” is one of Trikk’s latest hits, which amazes with its simplicity and groove.


Nakk ‘Echoes’ EP is released on May 24th 2024 on Marginalia.