Trainspotting With We Are Neurotic

We Are Neurotic are a disco, house and funk trio based in Jakarta, Indonesia. They have won remix contests by Disclosure, Chromeo & Kenny Beats, have signed with record labels such as Kitsuné Musique, Nervous Records and Gonya Entertainment, and have had their music featured by brands like Samsung and HBO Max. As their new single, ‘Hyperservice’, hails the debut release on their new label CD3O Recordings, founded in collaboration with Dylan C. Greene, 3kelves, DMCWorld goes Trainspotting with We Are Neurotic.

3kelves – Nonsense – Toucan sounds

One of our closest collaborators, 3kelves! He runs C3DO Recordings with us and is featured on our new single ‘Hyperservice’, but has also just recently kicked off his own Indie Disco project, and it’s amazing. ‘Nonsense’ is his first release in this style. Most of his songs where actually created in our studio in Jakarta when 3kelves was visiting us for a month. It was there where we discovered his great sense for topline melodies and swift lyric writing.

3kelves - Nonsense

Zig Zag – Stop Stop Stop (Dylan C. Greene Edit) – Self-release

Dylan is our other close collaborator and C3DO label partner. We met him during the pandemic while participating in the remix competitions hosted by Disclosure. He’s known for his official remix for Disclosure, but his edit of the French disco steamer ‘Stop Stop Stop’ is definitely a slept on one. The short fake-out break after each chorus gets us every time.

Zig Zag - Stop Stop Stop (Dylan C. Greene Edit)

Makèz – Love You More (Original Mix) Feat. Allysha Joy & Gallowstreet – Sonic Soil

Makèz recently got quite the boost with their song ‘Downstream’, but their Jazzy Broken-Beat releases are equally as good! This one even comes from their own imprint Sonic Soil. They’ve helped us out in the past, reviewing our demos and giving feedback, and I’m sure they are definitely going to blow up even more this year.

Makèz - Love You More (Original Mix) [Feat. Allysha Joy & Gallowstreet]

Sydney Jane, Ray Alex – DELUSIONS   – LIPP

Sydney is another amazing artist we met online during the pandemic. Her most recent release ‘DELUSIONS’ is such a unique blend of old school uk garage and pop. It puts such a fresh take on it. Once again a slept on track released by independent artists.

Sydney Jane, Ray Alex - DELUSIONS

David Bay – Dancing on the Edge – Zissou

David Bay is a recent acquaintance, who our label partner Dylan recently did a remix for. David helped us out a lot with getting the backend of the label going. He was previously known for his edits but has lately started dropping amazing Indie Dance tracks, singing and doing all live instruments. It’s fantastic. This one in particular has an amazingly hypnotic bass and vocal line.

david bay - dancing on the edge - extended edit (Zissou)

Simenga – Bombedom – Sterephonic

Simenga is a fantastic Tech-House artist from Germany who we’ve known for quite some time. His tracks hit like no other, severely underrated. This is his latest on Stereophonic.

Jamie Hai & Tripleset – Burnin Dub – Self-release

Another online friend, who actuality now shares a studio with 3kelves and Dylan in San Francisco, is Tripleset. This dub has been played out for a good year now and crushes it on the dancefloor every time. It finally got a release on HOUZ last November. Amazing modern UK Garage.

Jamie Hai & Tripleset - Burnin Dub

Dan be – You – Slow Supermarket

Dan be is one of those artist who is bound to get some more attention this year. His mixes always sound thumping and ‘You’ is no exception, expanding on the breakbeat sounds of Bicep and Overmono. Great stuff.

Dan be - You (Official Audio)

kryptogram – Brothers & Sisters – Self-release

Friend of the label, kryptogram, put out his Unfinished Works mixtape out over a year ago now. But we still keep coming back to it. This edit of Milton Wright’s ‘Brothers & Sisters’ immediately sets a late afternoon sunset mood, and we are here for it. Super excited to see what krypt has got in store for us this year.

kryptogram - BROTHERS & SISTERS

Dua Lipa – Houdini (Never Dull Remix) – Self-release

In our opinion, the current king of the bootleg remix is, without a doubt, Never Dull. Always dropping a remix of the biggest hits days after it’s released, and it’s always a bomb. This Houdini remix goes just as hard.

Dua Lipa - Houdini (NEVER DULL REMIX)

We Are Neurotic – Hyperservice (feat. 3kelves) is out now on CD3O Recordings.