Infected Mushroom

The Israel dance army marches on…

infected-mushroom-band-membersAmit, Erez – welcome to DMCWORLD boys. An incredible new album out this week, ‘Army of Mushrooms’. Talk us through this 12 track selection, how long has it taken to create and what are your personal highlights…

“Hello! Thank you for having us. We are very excited about the release and we are definitely pleased with the response so far. The album hit number 1 on Beatport and in the iTunes Dance Music charts. We wanted to take a step back into the world of electronic dance music, to experiment with Infected-versions of popular genres, such as Electro and Dubstep. We also represent Trance and just about every other category, so we feel like this is a very well rounded LP. We have been working on these tunes since the release of Legend of the Black Shawarma a few years ago.”

You have mentioned that a lot of material came in at the last minute and there are a lot of new influences on it – where have you been drawing on such important avenues of music so late to completion?

“Our goal is to put together the best possible package of tunes. Until the album is released, we like to keep our options open (to take songs out that might better be released as singles, and to add tunes last minute that we really want to be part of the release).”

It has been said that this is the most diverse album from you yet, there are elements of drum n’ bass, dustup, electro and trance inside – do you agree that this is the most diverse yet?

“All of our albums show quite a bit of range, but this one is very diverse. We are glad you are digging it.”

Your new stage show is unbelievable. The new performance/stage set is a massive departure from a band format, tell us about this stupendous 3D show…

“Thank you! We are very excited about the response to our debut at Avalon. The teaser video has well over a million views. It was designed by Heather Shaw of Vita Motus and the projections were created by the great people of V-Squared Labs – the same minds behind the stages for Skrillex and Amon Tobin. The show takes you on a serious journey…”

Where will you be bringing it out to play in Europe this summer?

“Not sure about this summer, but it will definitely make its way around the world… we are excited to share it with you.”

Who is the greatest live band you have ever seen?

“Not including us?”

This whole Infected Mushroom phenomenon began in your home country of Israel after you both attended a private party and decided to make some spy trance tracks together. But let’s go back – what sort of music were you both listening to as kids that influenced you towards EDM?

“Depeche Mode, Primus, Metallica, Prodigy…”

How did the musical relationship develop in the early days, where did you start to throw some track ideas together?

“We were both making music on our own, but when we got together, it was a very natural process for us, so we decided to continue and here we are 15+ years later. At first, before we had a proper name, we went by “Duvdev and Shidapu” but once we took on Infected Mushroom we never looked back.”

Who were the big DJs/live artists coming to Israel that first influenced you?

“X-Dream, Hallucinogen, and Etnika were some of our favorites.”

What did your families think of your choice of career – what did they want you to do?

“They knew what they were getting into…”

So we come back to yours after the show, what is the non banging, Back To Mine Top selection you spin us to mellow us out…?

“Converting Vegetarians disk two, “The Other Side” Ohhh yeah…”

You have travelled the world twice over, playing in such far flung places as India, Ukraine and Australia. Where in the world really surprised you with their admiration of your music?

“Twice over? Try maybe twenty-twice… haha! Actually France was a big surprise for us. We sold out of all our merch at one show, and had nothing more to sell for the rest of our tour. Cool place!”

You love your food. What country you have toured in has the best cuisine?

“Of course our home of Israel… we also like good Mexican food, Brazilian, Japanese, and American – nothing like a good burger… pretty much we are super fat and love food.”

What do you enjoy the most – looking out to 100,000 people in the open air or playing to 500 people in a low ceilinged club?

“Both bring us great enjoyment for their own reasons…”

What has given you the biggest thrill in life; playing with The Black Eyed Peas to 100,000 people in Brazil or remixing The Doors?

“Both are great thrills for their own reasons.”

Where did you party after the Peas show?

“I don’t remember, which means it must have been a good one…”

Life on the road is never easy. What are each other’s annoying ‘on the road’ habits…?

“Duvdev likes to shout out the window. Erez is an angel.”

What artists are on your iPod’s at the moment?

“Deadmau5, Skrillex, Datsik, Porter Robinson…”

It may not be good for our image, but Infected Mushroom really love…

“Pastor… and really good Israeli food.”

Where is the strangest place you have ever been recognized?

“The moon.”

What is on your rider these days – other than Heineken and Espresso?

“A pizza for after the show.”

What is the best and worst thing about living in Los Angeles?

“Cool culture, bad traffic!”

And finally – is this your best album yet?

“We like it!”