Stelios Vassiloudis - It Is What It Is

Stelios Vassiloudis – ‘It Is What It Is’ – (Bedrock)

Stelios Vassiloudis - It Is What It IsAs album titles go, this couldn’t be more appropriate, summing up an ambitious double album that covers a number of different musical styles. Greek producer Stelios Vassiloudis is obviously comfortable moving between his genres, and we open with some horizontal ambience courtesy of the widescreen ‘In Tandem’, which features a reassuring weight to its kick drum. As things progress Vassiloudis proves adept at taking in dub – hints of the Orb in ‘The Highline’ – while ‘I Burn Like’ has a nice murmured vocal from Darren Murray. All this progresses towards ‘Repetition’, a nine minute acid house throwback that works its magic beautifully. If you close your eyes you could be in 1988 – but if you’ve been on the whole journey you’ll know you could only be in 2011. A very fine, warm hearted album.

5 out of 5

Reviewed By Ben Hogwood