From her Ibiza debut, Clara Da Costa has always been about taking brave, transformative and evolutionary steps. Transforming Miss Bisto into Clara Da Costa and taking her Ibiza Sonica show to the Premier Etage of Space Ibiza were magnificent quantum leaps. Now the reigning Queen of Ibiza does it again by putting her stamp on all things vinyl with her label Jack’s House – a jump off and a sounding stage for her own bespoke productions and those of the producers she nurtures and loves – through her sets and radio shows.
First off the presses is the ‘Confirmation Bias EP’ a four track hard hitter from Alex Arnout. ‘Wormhole’ does it best for me with its plucked, dissonant bassline, off beat hi-hats, slap-back snares, jittery synth washes and edgy,hypnotic loops. It’s a keeper amongst keepers. ‘Half Life’ is a kick track led percolator with smudged, soft bleeps, ticklish snares and hi hats and more loops than a magnetic speaker coil. ‘Confirmation Bias’ is a deep tech excursion with soulful spoken vocals and an effortless bassline groove. ‘Once We Meet Again At Last’ sports an old skool melodic chord progression and a bassline that bubbles like hot lava and that’s the end of both sides of this vinyl only story.
It’s all pitched perfectly for the sun and heat soaked terraces from Ibiza to any dance floor with a deep, mediterranean flavour. Looking forward to the next release.
3.5/5 Paulette