Black Box ‘Ride On Time’ (79 Special Disco Theme) (GROOVE GROOVE MELODY)

Sometimes time can hit you right in your face. Is it really 30 years ago that Black Box’ ‘Ride On Time’ hit the No 1 spot in the UK? It is.
Little did Daniele Davoli, producer behind the hit, know what immense impact this record would have on the international dance scene. Going from an underground house record to being #1 for 6 weeks in the UK charts, a legendary Top Of The Pops lip synced performance and the best-selling single in the UK for that year. Elsewhere in the world, it peaked at #2 Sweden and Australia and sat in the top 10 throughout the rest of Europe becoming one of the best-selling 90’s pop dance tracks to this day.
Following the success was a long trial initialised by US diva Loleatta Holloway, whose vocals of her anthem ‘Love Sensation’ were used without permission by Davoli and his mates. Somehow they could reach an agreement and the incident was cleared.
Now the iconic release has been commemorated with a specially recorded acoustic disco version, bringing in live orchestral production from a whole ensemble of musicians, live guitar, strings, horns and drums and even a live tambourine played the whole way through it, still with the same screaming Loleatta Holloway vocal. The new Ride On Time (Special Disco Theme) was instantly supported by BBC Radio 1’s Pete Tong who played the new version exclusive as part of his History Of House series.
The new version is a homage to Dan Hartman and his personal way to produce music back in the late 70s.
We have to admit this aim has been accomplished by success!

4.5 out of 5
Reviewed by MANNIX

Ride on Time (79 Special Disco Theme)