For its next outing, the Digital Traffik label turns to its brand new A&R for a pair of hot new cuts. That man is CLiVe and he serves up a brace of deep house brilliance that fits nicely into the label’s cannon so far. One for lovers of pure and unadulterated house, this is a fresh and arresting EP.

Up first is We Start Moving, a bubbly, soul infused track with warm pads emanating from the core. The drums are rubbery and slick and the keys rain down like cosmic angel dust. It is the sort of physical yet emotive track that really gets people going and will make a big impact on the floor. The other offering is FutureLand. This one is more stripped back and even more driving, so as to get people up on their toes and reaching for the lasers. There is a cosmic feel to it, too, that has you looking to the night stars. Overall these are two well produced and interesting cuts with lots of ideas and plenty of style to spare.

Reviewed by: Ian Fleming