Few albums have the far reaching scope of Daniel Avery’s second, an eagerly awaited release five years in the making. Avery wanted to catch the state of late nights and early mornings on the road, and he does that with nights at the club still firmly in the memory. There is often a contrast between the energy of his rhythm tracks, the feet still in dancing mode, and the wooziness of the ambient chords hovering above. These are breath-taking in their sheer scope, for ‘Song For Alpha’ does on occasion pan out for a wide, out of body experience – but all the while the beats are still running, the acidic riffs still tracing lights on the ceiling. Tracks like ‘Projector’ capture this displacement between body and mind perfectly, while the energy on ‘Clear’ and the rolling beats on ‘Diminuendo’ are all-encompassing, sweeping the listener away. The structure is an ambitious one, but Avery ensures the intensity never lets up, using brief but big pools of ambience like ‘Embers’ to sit between the rhythm-based tracks. The combination of this attention to detail and willingness to roam freely lends ‘Song For Alpha’ its otherworldly air, and lifts it far above your average album release. Here we get full confirmation of Avery’s standing and talent, with a statement unlikely to be bettered in its field this year.
Ben Hogwood
5 out of 5


Daniel Avery - Slow Fade (Official Video)