Danism feat. Heidi Vogel ‘Hypnotise’ (SO SURE MUSIC)

I must say I quite miss Danism as the production outfit around ex Liquid People man Dan Smith and his partner in crime Dan Gresham used to be a constant factor in my DJ sets some years ago. So hope is there, that their hiatus is over now by coming up with nice new mixes of ‘Hypnotise’, which is one of their numerous tracks with the great Heidi Vogel. Danism & Train deliver the Main Mix by coming up with a spheric, deep interpretation that flows very nicely alongside solid beats and moody keys. Tedd Petterson delivers a more soulful, but still beat heavy mix, that has all the right ingredients a great Soulful House track should have, including superb key work, a nice little break and xylophone solos. My personal choice is the remix of Italian stalwart Moplen, who serves a slice of organ driven soulful deepness, that works perfectly together with Heidi’s outstanding vocals. This is one to watch out for!

Reviewed by MANNIX

4.5 out of 5