D!E ZWE! – ‘Tekuno Impulsivo EP’ (Incl. Beatamines and ICS Remixes) – Lauter Unfug

Now we’re talkin!!.. D!E ZWE!’s ‘Tekuno Impulsivo EP’ is an out right bomb! ‘Polyphony’ is a smouldering Tech House jam, where melodic arpeggios roll over a dark brooding bass line and backed with crisp Techno beats. Beatmines magically reinterprets the groove and inserts his signature dramatic bass stabs that thunder under soothing hypnotic synths that resonate through the track. ‘Tekuno Impolisvo’ is a beat driven bouncey House monster, with it’s low slung bass and understated melodic hooks bubble along hand in hand. Romanian producer ICS also turns in a deep laid-back groover, where echoes of old school Electro and Techno meet with contemporary Tech ideals and blissfully mesmerise.


Reviewed by: Ratha Gud