Jackie Moore ‘Holding Back’ (A’s And Bee’s)


Disco is oh so nice and bees are oh so nice as well. So why not do something for the honey makers and enjoy a superb slice of funkiness at the same time? Well, that’s possible if you purchase Jackie Moore’s ‘Holding Back’ on A’s And Bee’s Records, which is now around on vinyl. The Original was a classic M&M production by legendary John Morales and studio bud Sergio Munzabai from 1983 and the good thing is, that those versions (Breakdown Mix and Chin Mental Mix) are included here too, which of course can’t be a mistake. Jackie Moore of course is best known for her epic ‘This Time Baby’ which is played on the funky floors worldwide until today, but of course the lady from Jacksonville/Florida, who died in 2019, had much more to offer than just that one big Disco hit. Her album ‘I’m On My Way’ is a very impressing slice of mostly upbeat funk for instance.

However, Italian Disco stalwart Moplen has given ‘Holding Back’ the modern magic touch and he does it with a lot of respect towards the Original, just slightly beefing up drums and effects. All in all a classy record that should not be missed!


4.5 out of 5

Reviewed by MANNIX

Purchase: www.juno.co.uk/products/jackie-m…966093-01/?ref=dc