DJ Fudge & Chinua Hawk ‘Love X Love’ (REEL PEOPLE MUSIC)

Covering a real classic piece of music is always hard. In the end many producers have failed in the aim trying to better up an already classy Original. French House don DJ Fudge aka Stephane Juif is one of the guys who tried, and he won. His newest release on Reel People Music is a cover of the Quincy Jones produced same titled track by George Benson and it is a cover that has been executed by a bunch of superb musicians and with a lot of respect and faith by Fudge himself.
Vocals are being delivered by Atlanta native Chinua Hawk, including Matt Cooper is responsible for piano & rhodes, Ernie McKone on Bass, Luca Faraone on guitar, Kelli Sae on background vocals, Sid Gauld on Trumpet, Jamie Anderson on bass andTrevor Mires on saxophone. You may think: quite extensive in times like these, and yes I agree-but I’m very thankful that guys like DJ Fudge still exist and take the hard and intensive way. Maybe one day tracks like these will be as successful as they were in the late 90s.

4.5 out of 5

Reviewed by MANNIX