Tim Healey Freqhouse

Tim Healey vs Freqhouse Ft. Loc-E, Pippa Trix – Resistance – (Eric Farris/ Mark Instinct Remixes) – (Surfer Rosa)

The fourth single from Tim Healey’s album ‘Rest In Beats’ sees Tim team up with Freqhouse for his most commercial sounding release to date. More peak time stomping shimmering electro with truck loads of bottom end plus cute catchy female pop vox and cheeky urban male mc stylings from Loc E.  Mark Instinct smashes through the doors with his no holds barred electro dubstep post apocalyptic re working. A mass of twisted edits and rapid gun fire gurning bass. Eric Farris supplies the straight up electro 4/4/ big room beats plus an unexpected dubstep wobble mid way.

4 out of 5

Reviewed By SOTO