If you like your deep house music with a real sense of drama and occasion, then this label is for you: Incroyable Music always serves up such sounds and does so now with a new EP from Fabio Montana that has two of his originals as well as remixes from Bellville and Benotmane.

There is lots to love here but the pick of the bunch might be the last track Streets of London. It is spacious and full of pixelated melody, has clacking hits and driving drums and really will get the hairs standing on end. The other original is Metropolitan and is even more spaced out and cosmic, with tough arpeggiated synth stabs, building tension and key breakdowns. Two remixes help make this a standout EP, with both Bellville and Swiss producer Benotmane adding their own spin to the Metropolitan track. Both versions are subtly different but retain that sense of epic memory that make this label great.

Reviewed by: Ian Fleming