Fabiolous Barker ‘Coco Loco EP’ (GANBATTE)

Fabio Barker, who calls himself Fabiolous Barker as an artist, is on the bills of both labels, who put out modern slices of Disco as well as consumers of that very genre, for quite some time. He is one of those hard to find guys, who doesn’t just edit an old Disco track laying a 4×4 beat over it, he rather plays with the best parts of the Original adding some nice bits and pieces here and there, to finally create a totally new atmosphere. On his new EP he exactly does that again. Two very playable cuts, ‘Coco Dance’, which is funky as a Mexican Chili and aims for the bigger Disco floors with its amazing funk bassline, 70s strings and remarkable vocal, while ‘Give Me That Beat’ is characterized by a very well known beat sequence (who remembers Syndey Youngblood?) and a rolling guitar line, that does some justice. Greatness for the funky fans!

4 out of 5

Reviewed by MANNIX