Georg Levin ‘It Was Fun For A While’ (HIGHSCORE VISION)

Georg Levin - It Was Fun For A While


There isn’t that much that Berlin resident Georg Levin can’t deliver within the music industry. Beside being a prolific producer, he’s also a singer and songwriter and a multi music instrumentalist who’s had a significant impact that reached far beyond his local musical landscape. After his first steps playing in various local bands, history says Georg met Dixon, who had a major impact on the young man, leading to co-productions with the Berlin legend with Levins first release ‘When I’m With You’, and then later the cult house classic ‘I Got Somebody New’ in 2002. Levin has collaborated and remixed for Masters at Work,  Jazzanova, Ame, Robert Owens, Basement Jaxx, and Peter Kruder a la Kruder & Dorfmeister.  He has released on Strictly Rhythm, MAW, Sonar Kollektiv, Sony Music, and together with DJ Dixon under their production duo moniker Wahoo, on BBE.

So far, so good but what’s his new EP for the Highscore Vision label all about? Well to say it in short words-it’s rather amazing.

The hauntingly beautiful ‘It Was Fun for A While’ continues with the brief, referencing the hazy, honeyed 80s, a time where RnB, Disco and New Wave had a brief fling, but instead of looking back completely, the music and lyrics play with a emotionally abstract nostalgia. The track is bolstered by a totally infectious groove, elegantly crafted and mixed down with a precision touch. Georg Levin’s warm and atmospheric vocal captures the nostalgic moment and feelings of golden and bygone halcyon days. With a killer remix squad onboard, first up Amberoom, comprised of Manuel Tur, Ramin Nouyan, and Adrian Hoffman, who delicately refresh the vibe with their more stripped down rejig.  DJ and producer Tim Paris, y, lays down some shimmering magic on the OG, while Mule Musiq’s and Minilogues, Eitan Reiter takes the track to a much deeper and darker room. All in all this is a release which touches many genres not without losing its soulful key. Finally an idea for Georg to fill his spare time: How about adding an own label to your various jobs? 😉


4 out of 5

Reviewed by MANNIX