Gianni Junior ‘Mogadisco’ (UNQUANTIZE)

Gianni Junior certainly is one of the nicest persons in the music business, a very humble, smart and funny character who used to show me many secret places, when I visited him in Rome some years ago. Nevertheless I’m not writing this review because of the facts mentioned above, but because his new track on DJ Spen’s Unquantize label is just hot hot hot.

I don’t know what Mogadisco means but what I know is, that Gianni has combined killer beats and awe-inspiring keys creating a dreamy, futuristic disco sound. Us people who are on the way in the so called Nu Disco scene always keep asking ourselves what could be the next step of development. Well, for me it can be something like ‘Mogadisco’ as it contains live horns, flutes, and organ parts that are all essential contributors to its raw, organic groove.

Admittedly a very complex and costly affair, but that’s what you can hear, and that’s what we like to hear. Beside the Main Mix theres’s also the stripped down ‘Mogadisco Deep’ that has a more Afro-tech influenced feel to it. Not my cup of tea exactly but it certainly will have its fans too.

All in all this is amazing, a so called must have record.


Reviewed by MANNIX

4.5 out of 5

Mogadisco (Radio Edit)