Gold Lemonade ‘Sexxey’

Gold Lemonade’s ‘Sexxey’ is a banging new dance floor heater that jams on a soundscape of bouncy vocal cut-ups, bass, tough techy beats and stomping drums. Describing their style as on a ‘G-House/Bass House vibe’ the new single smoulders with a thumping deep dance floor peak time feel.

French-born Las Vegas based house duo Gold Lemonade were discovered by music legend Jackie Jackson (of The Jackson Family).. Gold Lemonade is DJ & Producer Lya Lewis and Caribbean hip-hop rooted Jvgg, whose mix of hip-hop and electronic sounds are making sparks fly with their releases and Live shows.

Their recent single, “No Hollywood” amassed a total of over 500K streams and more than 650K views on TikTok in less than two months. This year Gold Lemonade has also been released on prestigious electronic music labels including: ‘In Rotation’ for Insomniac Records and ‘Uprise Music’ featuring on key Spotify Playlists.

The duo are also known for their dynamic live experience fusing energetic house with a rap vocal act, Gold Lemonade has performed over 200 shows in the last 18 months.
Alongside this, the hipster duo are official ambassadors for the clothing brand Fashion Nova + NovaMen with 25 Million followers on Instagram.

“Sexxey” by Gold Lemonade on Lady Of The House Records out 16/12/22