Aidan Lavelle – Get Yourself EP – RebelLION

The follow up to his notable Tinnitus EP from earlier in the year sees composer/ producer Aiden Lavelle once again deliver upon his promise. The title track involves you in its spine-tingling intensity straight from the beginning, however it’s not until the vocal and bassline hit that you feel the full impact of it all. Yes, this is that good. Moody, deep, unnerving and with all the other words you can muster together this scores big-time points when it comes to emotive music that operates on every frequency. Second track, ‘Abyss’ pushes further forward alongside haunting, breathy voices and yet more unsettling notation on what is essentially another thumping rhythm track. All of which then concludes with, ‘Unreal’ and its twisted sequence of old-school stabs worked around funky-edged beats, while also featuring Aidan’s icy cool vocals.

5 out of 5

Reviewed by Greg Fenton