Albin Myers – The Beast – (Musical Freedom)

The name itself is an understatement for how monstrous this track is. Albin Myers should finally get respect where respect has been long due. This man is a beast. Year after year he’s pumped out consistently monstrous tracks from Wobble ( to Jump ( Albin Myers has always delivered quality productions that destroy nightclubs and his latest track “The Beast” is definitely destined to destroy many many nightclubs. Albin has always had a great production gift of being able to create contrast in his productions. You never know what direction an Albin Myers production goes into until it gets to the breakdown. He applies this formula well in “The Beast” giving it a filthy synth lead that drives the beat forward into a breakdown that drops into something that sounds like it sampled the intro to Young MC’s “bust-a-move”. “The Beast” is another great example of Albin Myers’ technical production skills and a well titled one as well (not sure if it describes the producer or the track but suits both nicely).

4 out of 5

Reviewed by Chest Rockwell