Having had our appetite tempted by the release earlier in the year of the single, ‘Re-Set’ this full length set of recordings crafted by Alex Barck now lives up to every expectation. Not only does this reach soulful depths with the tastefully scored opener, ‘Doubter’ but vocals and song continue to tease throughout such as on, ‘Don’t Hold Back’ also featuring the sultry vocals of co-writer Jonatan Bäckelie. Those moods and textures are explored further still as the music journeys between dance tracks like the ultra-cool, ‘Like A Drug’ with Ste Downes, while ending up with ponderous atmospheres care of the album’s sumptuous title track. A great selection for music for sure, ‘Reunion’ expands the possibilities, but then were Sonar Kollektiv ever going to do anything else.

5 out of 5

Reviewed by Greg Fenton