Circle Of Funk Ft. Lifford Shillingford & Natasha Watts – ‘Double Trouble’ (Ft Wipe The Needle Remixes) – Slapped Up Soul

Circle Of Funk join forces with 2 heavyweights from the UK Soul scene, Natasha Watts & Lifford Shillingford, for a giant slab of soulful house titled ‘Double Trouble’ for Slapped Up Soul. Bubbling bass and punchy beats laced with seductive string stabs provide the musical backdrop to a call and answer duet from a couple who just can’t seem to agree! Also on the package Circle OF Funk ramp up the boogie with their ‘More Trouble Mix’ armed with a popping baseline and fizzing synths; and house duo Wipe The Needle magic up a sublime deep flavour for the floor with a remix and dub to keep the dance floors well oiled this Winter!

4 out of 5

Reviewed By Ratha Gud