Vassup! After the mighty ‘Salty’ with Katherine Ellis’ intoxicating dominatrix-like vocals, Dylan Rhymes return with the equally hyped ‘Fashion Kills’. Aimed at all the fashioniesters – you know who you are – as sent up by Ali G’s Bruno alter ego – the gorgeous and opinionated voice of Austrian youth TV with the sharpened catwalk claws who searches for new fashion victims among the air-kissing airheads. Ich don’t think so! With rough n’ grungy vocal supplied by Red Jackson the remixes are equally club haute couture with Paul Woolford strutting his lo-fi electro stuff, with Metric grooving to a twisted rhythm. And who else agrees that Osama Bin Laden is just ze best-dressed guy around right now?

5 Out Of 5

Reviewed By: LEWIS DENE