Tevo Howard
The Age Of Compassion
Buzzin’ Fly

Buzzin’ Fly are now in that happy position where they have explored enough different styles of music to make each release an intriguing one, the prospective listener never exactly sure of what they’re about to hear, but safe in the knowledge it will be something of a high standard. This is the case with Tevo Howard, whose Chicago deep house sound is all over this piece of liquid instrumental cool, written specially for Ben Watt’s label. ‘The Age Of Compassion’ is soft and deep, with warm keyboard arpeggios running up and down to give a sense of forward movement that works a treat in the house mix especially. Donnachella Costello’s mix goes the other way, taking the listener and standing them against the walls of the club, catching all the music’s vibrations in the process, while the Aera Recompassion mix warps the riff a bit and adds some jumpy beats. Whichever of the four mixes you choose, the quality of Howard’s original is there for all to see.

5 Out Of 5

Reviewed By: Ben Hogwood