YouKey – Separated Sky – (Poesie Musik)

And as summer draws to a languorous close, there’s still room for a guitar strummed, folk-house tune or two. Enter Youkey’s ‘Separated Sky’ a romantic, gossamer-vocalled excursion that takes you on a hayride with a picnic basket filled with remixes from Fynn, Franz Alice Stern and Weber. Fynn concentrates on the beat and the guitar, amping up the energy for a slouchy jeaned ho-down. Franz Alice Stern is a dark and twinkling star-gazing affair that is sure to increase early sales of plaid blankets and candles. Weber brings the vocal to the fore, fanning it gently with synths and wonky keys and giving it a bit more punch at the bottom end. It’s a pleasant diversion that puts hay in your hair and a spring in your step.

3 out of 5

Reviewed by Paulette