Zee & Eli – Release Yourself EP – ZiiZii Records

Diving headlong into the future Zee & Eli’s animated title track sees grainy drums and fuzzy bass stabs ignite the room along with fashionably detuned vocals adding the almost human touch. Never a dull moment as the production is peppered with creative sounds and a hard-hitting arrangement, as indeed are the rest of the EP’s four remaining tracks. ‘Need Ya Back’ continues the theme with brighter, less sinister, synth chords, while ‘The Ghostly Track’ repays the compliment with yet more electronic intensity feeling perfectly timed. ‘Reflections’ drops the tempo to reveal darker intentions, with ‘The Dub Rub’ completing an excellent EP with an infusion of Dub and House that is low-slung, and supremely funky.

4 out of 5

Reviewed by Greg Fenton