It’s very rare to see a newly formed outfit gather as much momentum as these guys have in such a short space of time. Hailing from deepest Devon in the UK, J4CKED’s eclectic take on the funkier side of house has not only struck a chord online but also with the BBC who have already started supporting their music regularly, even inviting them on air to discuss this particular track. Complimented by their hilariously-fun homegrown music video, ‘All My People Get Down’ has already reached viral proportions, with its commanding vocals and bouncing-bomb bassline. In such a competitive and saturated landscape, these guys are quickly gaining a lot of fans with their steady stream of musical outputs. I predict you will be seeing a lot more of them throughout 2020. J4CKED packing the fun back into House music!

4/5 Reviewed by Nick Coles

J4CKED - All My People Get Down (Music Video)