Martin Iveson aka Atjazz is a guy who certainly knows something about music as he has been delivering the goods for almost every prime label on this planet for some decades now. A mirror to his personal taste is the release schedule of his own label Atjazz Record Company, an imprint that can come up with House, Broken Beat, Soul or even darker and deeper vibes. The red line seems to be quality and that’s what it should be all about when having a label, shouldn’t it? Nevertheless, JD73 might well be a familiar name for some of you as well, thanks to releases on iconic labels like Dave Lee’s Z Records, Duffnote or Sedsoul. Previously it has been the project of keyboard expert Dan Goldman, who for his new album ‘Pyramid’ is joined by Hamlet Luton on bass and Gordon Kilroy hitting the live drums. And that’s what makes this record stand out. It’s an instrumental album about JAZZ, SOUL and FUNK with live drums, so it has a natural oldksool, late 70s flavour to it. What you get are 8 tracks of pure quality available on double 12” and digital and it’s a real adventure into the bespoken genres without having the approach of being too sophisticated. It’s a superb record for home listening or in the car and some tracks like ‘The Shapeshifter’ or ‘Subsonic’ are very danceable too. All in all this is massive, get your hands on it!

4.5 out of 5

Reviewed by MANNIX