Jimpster ft. Casamena ‘One EP’ (FREERANGE)

250 releases for Freerange records! That’s a rather impressive mark and who better could deliver on that landmark than label co-founder, A&R and most regular contributor Jimpster aka Jamie Odell. As a producer and DJ with almost 30 years releasing records, he shows absolutely no sign of slowing down, and with the label heading towards its 25th year he still seems as hungry as ever to continue pushing himself and the label eagerly into the new decade.
Joining Jimpster on the title track ‘One’ is NYC native Casamena. The producer, DJ, vocalist and label boss (he launched Ocha alongside Osunlade and has remixes and releases gracing the likes of Vega, Yoruba and Strictly Rhythm) delivers some fresh hip-house vibes inspired by house-dance slams, b-boy battles and Body & Soul sessions. Jimpster’s production makes the perfect pairing, melding layers of deep pads and punchy 707 percussion, his deft musical touch ensuring the end result is warm, soulful and uplifting. On remix duties, we have none other than the man of the moment, the legendary producer whose credentials includes names like Slum Village, Mahogany, Sound Signature, J Dilla and Dwele to name just a few; Detroit’s own Waajeed. His ‘One Nation Remix’ goes strong on epic strings, hooky Moog lines and masterful beats, thinning out the vocals to make room for pizzicato stabs in what is effectively a deep, emotive dub which bumps along flawlessly.
Closing out the EP is another original entitled ‘The Way It Is’. This is classic Jimpster in B side mode: a slow burner which will reward you after a few plays, it’s subtle textures and sound palette offering something new on each repeated listen. One of those tracks to drop at the afterparty to boost those last remaining drops of serotonin, inject energy into weary legs and spread a warm glow throughout the room.

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4.5 out of 5
Reviewed by MANNIX