Lay-Far feat Stee Downes ‘Never Good Enough For You’ (IN-BEAT-WEEN MUSIC)

Lay-Far has a lot of fans all over the world and with his new release ‘Never Good Enough For You’, a deeply intimate and emotionally charged love message, written in collaboration with the acclaimed singer and songwriter Stee Downes we clearly can see why this is the case. Stee’s voice firmly in our minds from his work on ‘Lovebirds’ ‘I Want You in My Soul’ that took the summer by romantic storm in 2012. Rough and edgy but equally soulful beat, showcasing heavy influences from hip-hop, jazz-fusion, broken beat and house, forms a perfect foundation for the heart-felt story of emotional struggle and break-up, delivered by Stee Downes! Autobiographical song for both the songwriter and the producer.
The single comes packaged with an instrumental version and a remix. The latter is a slightly more straightforward and “politically-correct” vision of the song, also produced by Lay-Far, using Roland TR-707 drum machine instead of the gritty chopped drum breaks of the original.
Last but not least comes the bonus track ‘Blow My Mind’ a bottom-heavy banger on the edge of funky breakbeats, bruk and classic electro. All in all Lay-Far once more shows his great talent, we all can’t wait to hear more!

4.5 out of 5
Reviewed by MANNIX