Lenny Fontana & Shirley Lites ‘Fire’ (MIDNIGHT RIOT)

Lenny Fontana certainly is a guy who could call himself a House legend but anybody who knows him in person will agree that he is a person, who is very down to earth and thankful for any support his productions get. For me this is the right approach as numerous examples have proved that haughtiness always leads to the wrong way. Having scored chart success with anthems like ‘Chocolate Sensation’ or the Duane Harden sung ‘What U Need’ as Powerhouse, the man knows how to transform a song from an Underground hit right up to mainstream. Lenny beside the Garage and US House productions he is mostly known for, has always had a special relationship with Disco, not only because he grew with the sounds as a young man, but his aspiration of knowing that there would be no House Music without Disco.
So over the years, Lenny Fontana touched the genre here and there and his brand new offering which originally came out on is own Karmic Power Records label but has been snapped up by Andy Williams’ Midnight Riot imprint with new mixes for full release, is a perfect example of Lenny producing a record that easily could have been released 1978. We all know not many people are able to execute it the way he does, but as Glitterbox sensation Dr Packer has been commissioned to rework ‘Fire’, this might be the cream on top of it. Extending the arrangement with his trademark drums, filtered breakdowns and full of intense peak time madness, Greg Packer has turned the West End Records vocalist Shirley Lites vocalised tune into a modern Disco anthem.
I wish more of those records would be produced and necessarily bought, it certainly would make the world a little more happy!

4.5 out of 5
Reviewed by MANNIX