Leon – The Night Is On (Deeperfect) (15/07)

Italian producer, DJ, remixer and label boss Leon is no stranger to the top of the underground charts. He really knows how to make high impact house and tech and here he does so on the Deeperfect label run by Stefano Noferini. Drop these in your set and you are sure to get a great reaction.

For me the pick of the bunch is Fresh N Beat, a tight and tense affair with pinging drums and splashes of cymbal as well as a ducking and diving drum line that is sure to get under your skin. Masterfully paced and expertly balanced, it is backed up by The Night Is On. this one is another hard hitting but infectious affair

with wobbly bass, stirring drums and rapped vocals for an element of off kilter attitude to get you going. The remix is from a pair of producers who are on thislabel often, and their remix is subtle, making it feel more tribal and pumping. Overall, this is a fine EP.

Reviewed by: Ian Fleming

Leon - The Night Is On (Original Mix)