Los Charly’s Orchestra (Aka Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel)  Feat. Andre Espeut & Oswaldo Chacon ‘Nuyorican Disco’

With a passionate and authentic ode to Latin fusion culture and its musical superstars, Los Charly’s Orchestra returns with “Nuyorican Disco”. Here we have four beautifully produced versions, starting with the original in a percussive disco fusion style, interspersed with slap heavy bass, ooh aah and pa pa pa pom ad libs and more before the trumpet comes in building to a crescendo of all its elements. An Instrumental also included alongside the stripped-back Neo Latin Mix with its spoken word from Andre Espeut and – outstanding trumpet from Eikel Venegas, conjuring the ballroom style of 70’s Latin New York. Rounded off with its instrumental version, a musical cocktail to run dance floors across disco, funk and Latin soul spectrums. With performances from Cuba’s noted “son y mambo” music virtuoso, Ejkel Venegas; Colombian Percussionist, Emeris Solis and singers Andre Espeut, who sang with the late Terry Callier, Faze Action and Ron Trent and Cuban Oswaldo Chacon. Another brilliant release show casing the consolidation of the British-Latin American connection at its best.
One of London’s most effusive champions of Latin-infused music Jorge Montiel has just started a new DJ residency at The Maine in Mayfair bi-monthly on Saturdays alongside his residencies at El Pastor in Soho and Kings Cross locations. Jorge is also a longstanding Resident DJ of the Barrio bars in Brixton, Soho and Shoreditch.

Martin Madigan 5