Mark Peters is well known in ambient / shoegaze circles for his membership of the band Engineers, and his work with fellow sound sculptor Ulrich Schnauss. His first album as a solo artist is a cause for celebration, especially as it takes the best aspects of his collaborative work but manages to be a more private and meaningful affair. ‘Innerland’, an expansion of a smaller scale release last year, is a completely unhurried journey between reference points on the map of the attractive cover, Peters setting a mood and running with it on each track. Sometimes this involves the development of a riff, adding more layers and energy, while the more relaxed tracks allow the source material to breathe in a form of meditation. It makes for an ideal piece of listening at either end of the day, setting a calm mood but continuing to stimulate the mind with its subtle but meaningful musical thoughts. Highly recommended.
Ben Hogwood
5 out of 5