Mark Pritchard’s rich vein of form continues with this mini-album, released as he continues to work on a follow-up to last record ‘Under The Sun’. Clearly he can’t stop writing at the moment, and it’s a creative burst which means ‘The Four Worlds’ has a really instinctive feel to it. Contributing to ‘The Four Worlds’ are Space Lady, from Colorado (a great spoken turn on the warm ‘S.O.S.’) and Gregory Whitehead, who turns ‘Come Let Us’ into a form of ritual. Pritchard uses some far out percussion to give us some wonky numbers like ‘Parkstone Melody II’, floating on the crest of a musical saw wave, while ‘Glasspops’, the only track with a fully discernible drum track (and a güiro!), operates on an insistent riff that grows and takes it over. Largely ambient, the album reaches for the heights towards the end with ‘Mên-an-Tol’, a weightless celebration of the structure of standing stones in Cornwall. Pritchard is one of those artists whose every move is worth following because he can’t be second guessed – and with this inventive suite of ambience he confirms his genius once again. Can’t wait for the next album!
Ben Hogwood
4 out of 5


Mark Pritchard - Come Let Us (feat. Gregory Whitehead)