On the face of it, this is a negative title for Moiré’s latest, but what he is in fact doing is reflecting the way he sees the world ‘progressing’ at the moment. This is not a downbeat record, but it does have some stark messages and important things to say, nowhere more so than on the single ‘Lost You’, where the vocal from DRS has a subtle attitude you wouldn’t argue with, especially the statement that ‘I don’t even wanna get into the bullshit that most people talk about’. ‘Hazy Opposites’ is a great track – pure, inventive techno – while ‘Magma Dream’ gets acidic and much less comfortable. ‘No Future’ is not the sound of a producer living in a bubble, rather one that reacts to the events around him. The grit and determination behind ‘No Future’, and a cracking groove or two, ensure it hits the mark pretty much consistently.
Ben Hogwood
4 out of 5