The 12-piece Nubiyan Twist have created something rather special here. ‘Jungle Run’ is all about inclusion, about celebrating the power of music and especially rhythm, and using the music for a pure and good time. There is some exceptional musicianship here but also some meaningful songs, and when both combine the formula works an absolute treat. ‘Basa Basa’ is one of the most thrilling of the album’s ten cuts, with intricate guitars, a vibrant trumpet solo and some fantastic cross rhythms. ‘Addis To London’ features none other than Mulatu Astatke, creating a strong and instinctive groove, while ‘Ghosts’ features Tony Allen and vocalist Nick Richards on an ultra-cool and rhythmically free song. A strong sense of freedom courses through this album, whose anything goes approach admits everyone to the party in a joyous celebration of music. Get it for an instant uplift!
Ben Hogwood. 5 out of 5