The Fat Wax label is only at release number two but it made a big impact with its first. It got picked up and played far and wide so lots of excitement has been building for their second missive. And for good reason, because it comes from an artist called Onur Ozman who is a Turkish native and Swiss resident that has served up his sounds on Noir and Rebirth before.

If you like left of centre sounds then this four tracker is for you. Bolstered with a remix by Pampa artist Ricoshëi—who is notoriously inventive and off kilter—it really impresses form the off. Left In Pain is first and is a dense cut with poppy vocals and elastic, long legged drums and charismatic synths. Colourful and charming it stays with you for a long time. The remix by Ricoshëi is dry and hypnotic, with woozy synths really enchanting you as they play out. I Don’t Know then pings and pops, bristles and brims with wild sounds and great sound design and the remix is another heady piece of work that will cast a spell on any floor with its deep and widescreen drums and heady atmospheres.

Reviewed by: Ian Fleming