French born Alex Arslan, and Italian Riccardo Pirotto met somewhere in Berlin years ago and then decided to make music as Panna Cotta, and having the self titled Mini LP on Marcel Vogels Lumberjacks In Hell label  in my hands I must say it was a good decision to do so. It is hard to describe any genre the duo serves, the productions are sitting somewhere between sultry disco and polished pop with an electronic feel to it. For my personal taste the majority of the tracks has a Balearic edge, and that’s outstanding these days.

Opener ‘Tasting Sugar’ takes us on a psychedelic cosmic journey, while ‘Sweet’ picks up the yacht rock pace a touch. ‘Childhood’ with its slo-mo vibrations, encourage the dancers to sway, while ‘Nobody’ surprises with its broken beat breakdown and impressive drum solo.  For those of you who expect another Chaka Khan cover with  ‘I Feel Love’ plays with analog synths and steady drums, with flecks of acid beneath the uplifting vocal, all floating along on a killer groove.‘ Sunrise’ allows the honeyed vocal harmonies to take centre stage amidst the blissed-out soundscape, the remix of label honcho Marcel Vogel with its sweet acidic elements and funkiness is my pick of the lot. All in all a very special outing!


Reviewed by MANNIX

4.5 out of 5