Platzdasch & Dix ‘Transition Game’ (GENTS & DANDY’S)

Germany’s Platzdasch & Dix have been on my radar for quite some time as they are famous for some superb Disco edits on the one hand, and also have been able to impress with their latest original productions that have landed on labels like Peppermint Jam, on the other side. What seems to be their trademark, is a certain irresistible funky groove that is quite unmistakable in all their productions. Two of those gems are included in their new offering on the Gents & Dandy’s label and I can only suggest you to check those tracks out as they are perfect floor fillers when it comes towards peaktime. The groove of ‘Transition Game’ grabs you by the very first listen, a great melange of a filtered groove coupled with strong, solid beats and a bass that will even move the lazy ones. On the flip ‘Show You Lough’ is a bit more stripped to the bone, but still very funky and a real nugget to rely on. All in all this is the kind of modern funkiness we all look out for!

4.5 out of 5
Reviewed by MANNIX