Trevor Jackson is one of those artists whose every move is worth tracking, for he has such a versatile approach to electronic music. His place as a bit of a maverick is reinforced by this fascinating compilation of nine 12” EPs that were released over the summer months. Although recorded between 1997 and 2001, the music still sounds startlingly fresh, and with a wide range of guests including Four Tet, Crash Course In Science and Ed DMX, they press a number of very different buttons, from the smoky ‘Shadowplay Dub #2’ through the loping but rather sinister disco of ‘1 UP’ to the crackling electro of ‘What’s Happening’, an epic twelve and a half minute track that proves the musical equivalent of a steady strobe. A highly recommended collection that proves what an original talent Trevor Jackson has been over the last 20 years.

Ben Hogwood
5 out of 5